NAV: 6-up

Disclaimer: In this series of posts, I’ll explore possible improvements to the navigation that is shared across WP Core and My goal with these posts is not to lobby for any specific direction. My hope is that some helpful insights can at least be gleaned by following a standard design process and by exploring multiple disparate design options.

In this particular post I’m sharing some preliminary sketches that I did to explore 6 completely different approaches to the same problem. This entire exercise took less than 30 minutes, but I find that exploring a number of low fidelity ideas like this helps me move beyond any biases I might be starting with. Each of the six boxes below contains a completely separate possible direction.

After cross referencing each of these sketches with the constraints I outlined at the beginning of this project, I think I’d like to start off by exploring concepts 1 and 4 a bit further.

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