NAV: Rate Existing Design

Disclaimer: In this series of posts, I’ll explore possible improvements to the navigation that is shared across WP Core and My goal with these posts is not to lobby for any specific direction. My hope is that some helpful insights can at least be gleaned by following a standard design process and by exploring multiple disparate design options.

For the following post I’ve taken the constraints that I just outlined and used them to rate the design of the existing WP navigation.

One obvious disclaimer is that this exercise is subjective. I’ve not run any sort of analysis on this other than my personal history of working closely with WordPress for the past 10+ years.

Here’s a screenshot of the existing design for reference:

Here is how I rated the current nav:

I left notes next to any rating that I did not give a 3 for context.


Disagree with any of the ratings I left? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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